We're focused

Design light processing and light steering application faster with Intellecta. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features, functionality while remaining customizable. we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability.

We Deliver

All our services are unique and tailor-made to suit the needs of the client, delivered with great panache by our hand-picked and talented staff. Every business definitely requires a web presence to hold a viable spot in the booming market spun around by the era of technology.

We're Creative

We are team of vibrant, dynamic and energetic talents, passionate about entrepreneurship, technology etc. We always wanted to leave a mark in whatever we do. We are backed by a strong consulting team with a wide range of experience.Let us take a shot at the technicalities.

We're Supportive

Our customer support applies the principles of customer service in helping customers solve problems and make decisions, but in addition, functions as part sales, part tech support, and part customer success.

We're Friendly

We understand that relationships are the key to your business. If you want your customers and potential customers to have a positive experience with your company, you have to be available to them whenever they need you.

Why Choose Us

Choosing an agency tough. Let us convince you


At Intellecta, creative process is the act of making new connections between old ideas or recognizing relationships between concepts


A professional is an intangible product that a contractor or product vendor sells to help a customer manage a specific part of their business.


At Intellecta, we have a team of experts having powerful IT skills and knowledge that will transform the idea into innovation.


Dedication can be complete devotion and faith in someone or something, like your dedication to your work in which something is officially named, like the dedication of a new building.

24/7 Support

Intellecta customer support is available 24/7 and Feel free to contact us. Our customer support provides reliable information and support to all those who need assistance.


Enthusiastic appreciation for something is more than just liking it — it's loving it and having or showing great excitement and interest.

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Meet the Team

Satyendra Shrivastava
Managing Director (India)

More than 33+ years of Technical Education Industry Experience including Engineering College Kota and Rajasthan Technical University. He heads the India Operations of the Company.

Suryansh Gupta

More than 4+ years of IT experience and is heading US division of the company. A creative designer by Nature. He handles the day to day operations of the company in US.

Ravi Gupta
Senior Consultant

Dynamic and energetic personality. More than 20+ experience as a financial and market research analyst. He takes care of the company's strategic planning and marketing activities.