Design light processing and light steering application faster with Intellecta. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features, functionality while remaining customizable. we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability.


All our services are unique and tailor-made to suit the needs of the client, delivered with great panache by our hand-picked and talented staff. Every business definitely requires a web presence to hold a viable spot in the booming market spun around by the era of technology.


We are team of vibrant, dynamic and energetic talents, passionate about entrepreneurship, technology etc. We always wanted to leave a mark in whatever we do. We are backed by a strong consulting team with a wide range of experience.Let us take a shot at the technicalities.



Brand identity has been the single most important factor for increasing sales and ensuring growth since the dawn of capitalism.


Web Design

The technologically driven times have brought us to a place where it has become vital for every business to establish itself strongly over the internet. Engaging customers and prospective clients with the latest updates and announcements and giving a platform for their feedback adds a personal interactive touch that no other business strategy can match.

The design of the website plays an important role in capturing and holding the attention of potential customers. Sale and promotion of your product(s) and/or brand also bank heavily on their portrayal on the site and the user-friendliness in their access.


Application Development

All business has reached to a level where IT plays an very important role. Right from automizing the process to a smallest data handled. We at Triton develop tailor made solutions for your business requirement.

Our team offers solutions that encompass customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning among a myriad of other such related services. The solutions from our desk will help you kick start your business sky high and ensure that they remain there.


Software Development

Intellecta enables companies to streamline even the most complex enterprise business processes by applying some proven communications technologies to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, track, and manage processes through the entire process lifecycle.

Our approach to process automation offers significant benefits. We provide end-to-end expertise on all technological fronts and help your brand achieve results.



One of the most important facets of building and growing your business online is the development of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. The perennial mistake most companies make is to rush headfirst into digital marketing. we help you explore opportunities, risks, and provides necessary solutions, as it understands the need of distinct plans for each brand. We develop prime marketing strategies and equip your brand with successful campaigns by identifying the most capable business channel for your marketing, online.